Mylot is a society!

society - Mylot is a small society.
@ifglan (1152)
July 4, 2008 4:48am CST
I've been here for more than 2 weeks,i've made so many friends and got much information and also earn a little.I want to say that mylot is a society.It's not just a site for us to earn,to discuss,it's really a small world,in this world,there are every kind of people,kid or adult,teacher or doctor,business man or housewife... Everything has its two sides.I think here we should treat faithfully and being kind-hearted to help others.Don't reply as to reply,post as to post,rate you"+",then turn back"+",rate you"-",then turn back"-",take it easy. Thank you for sharing:)
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4 Jul 08
If you really insist then I think it is a sick and boring and bland society and f I am part of it I shall be the anarchist here, I think.
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@ifglan (1152)
• China
4 Jul 08
I agree with you,so we try to find the advantages of mylot,or go out for a look,mylot is a free time job. Thank you,friend. :)