Have you ever been in this situation?.

@myhuni (112)
New Zealand
July 4, 2008 5:25am CST
Hey fellow mylotters I have a question for you here on mylot well two of my sisters and I where in town today and one of them had just got out of the mental health section of the hospital on leave to see how she went before she was able to go home but today we went into town as I just said and it got to the point where she was saying thinks like I'm to busy but yet she had nothing to do at the present time then we text one of our other sisters and she got in touch with our mother who got in touch with the needed person but what I was wondering dear mylotters have you ever been in a situation that in a way you know some one either family or friends that are close to you that have a mental health problem that some times when they are getting sick you do not feel that safe around them but if you get help for them they seem to hate you or not like you as much after wides?.
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