Do you want your kid to learn martial arts?

United States
July 4, 2008 6:50am CST
Do you want your kid to learn martial arts? Some say definitely YES but others would be repulsed by it and I'd like to know why? Personally as both a big fan of martial arts and a parents I want my child to learn it. If one is judging kickboxing, for example, by what he sees or hears on TV, internet and such, that person is a fool in sense that just like every sport, martial arts became a way for people to make money. But in the core of every form or style its been taught to have self control, confidence, respect, etc. Wouldn't you want your child (boy and girl) to feel confident (not arrogant) about their daily lives, to instill discipline from early age and of course give them skills to defend them selves in "NOT GOOD" situations?
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