Whats the most difficult decision you've had to make?

@shilpa_p (198)
July 4, 2008 7:35am CST
We all have to make decisions everyday-big and small.But sometimes decision making creates a conflict and it becomes very difficult to make choices or decide.Sometimes the smallest decisions prove to be the most difficult.What decision that you've made till date has been the most difficult for you?For me it was having to choose between the person who brought me up and the person who gave birth to me.I had to make a decision whom i wanted to live with.It was a tough one because i hated choosing since i love them both very much.But in the end i chose to live with my mother because she isn't keeping too well.But i think each day about how unfair it was to have to make a choice.Have you had similar experiences?Let me know!
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
4 Jul 08
I guess the most difficult for me was to know when I couldn't cope with looking after my mother who had alzheimers any longer, I desperately wanted to care for her but it became too hard for me and I had to find a nursing home and that in itself was hard because I only would put her in the best I could find...
@shilpa_p (198)
• India
6 Aug 08
That must have been really difficult.I do know that alzheimers patients need constant attention and the best medication.I'm sure the decision will be whats best for both of you.Take care.
@Scarrlet (168)
• Ukraine
24 Jul 08
The hardest thing for me was whether to leave my native country for studying abroad. i knew i would go for a foreign country in my future, but just wasn't ready at that time. It was especially hard because many people tried to convenience me that i shouldn't try for that certain university. It offered me a scholarship and my friends couldn't believe that it was like that in reality, and that i won't be later obliged to work for them to payout. But still i did that, and was very thankful for the support of my family who would also agree with me on any decision i'd made.
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
5 Jul 08
picking a major in college was hard to choose and gave me a headache until i decided...
@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
4 Jul 08
Yes I agree a big part of life is making decisions,from what to eat,to what to wear,or what to do,I would say that biggest decision I had to make was whether I should rearrange mine and my fiances room,since I have OCD and it bothers me a lot when stuff gets moved out of its place.