children abducted for organ selling!

July 4, 2008 8:51am CST
im so alarmed when i when i heard about this over TV. i thought it just happened in movies. but it's true. i also read a document about this and here's how it goes.... KILLING CHILDREN FOR THEIR ORGANS A monthly magazine "El Tempo" reported that in 1989 five street children were found dead with their eyes surgically removed. Illiterate parents of impoverished slum children reported that a doctor told her "your son has a brain tumor, it is better to take his eyes out." That child is in a home for the blind and had no brain tumor. In the Dominican Republic traffickers would pay from US$700 to $1,500 to the parents of a child then the child would be taken to a clinic and the organs removed and sold to the rich from $10,000 to $50,000 each. The children died soon after the neglect and infection. Hundreds of children go missing in the Philippines every year and many of them are never found. In Pangasinan a 12 year old boy who was picked up by a brown van and brought to MAnila where with several children they were drugged and brought to a building that smelled like a clinic where they kept under guard. this boy recovered from the drugged sleep and escaped.
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4 Jul 08
This is utterly rediculous.How in the world could anyone with a concious do such a thing to children.Some people will do anything for money. i hate reading things like this, it is unethicial. There should be laws against these things.