Have you notice that all those money making site all clam they are not a scam?

United States
July 4, 2008 9:00am CST
I have lookied at alote of site, to find a way to make money from home. And everyone I have looked at claim (this is not a scam) ya right!!! that's why no one is making money but the one who started it...right! I have even gone to clickbank and opened an account 5 years ago. And have even trid to market these program... So seam to look pretty good. But even after 5 years I have NEVER made a dime at any of them....Has anyone ever had any luck making good money from anything...I would like to know..I have even signed up for all those so called lead sites and traffic building site and the only thing I got there was my email filling up with junk...And have you noticed that when you do sign up for one they want you to advertise with there so called ads that want you to tell people how you made some unreal amount of money that you haven't (that's just so wrong) It's just not right to lye about something you have not made a dime on.....WOW, I guess I just answered my own question...I just can't lye to make money....THAT'S WHY I HAVEN'T MADE ANY MONEY FROM HOME!! L.O.L.
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