Runescapes updates

July 4, 2008 1:29pm CST
I dont get it! why do people always whine about updates? What if Jagex would take evrything back? No updates = no whiners.
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@bowtieguy (5917)
• United States
13 Jul 08
All I have to say to people like that is go back to classic and be done with it.
• Estonia
18 Jul 08
yeah, but unfortunatly they can't go back because its impossible. i even cant find the link to runescape classic on the webpage.
@bower007 (14)
• Portugal
6 Jul 08
I wish that was true! I really do but it isn't. Just for you to understand, Jagex is making all these updates because of hackers. Haven't you ever heard of Falador Massacre? Or hackers take over rs2?? Runescape is a game that raised itself and hackers like it pretty much. Doriel321 was one of the guys that participated in Falador Massacre and Constant lagging in runescape. This last one "constant lagg iin runescape" was a thing made by several hackers at the same time that lagged runescape alot! They tryed to do this to end runescape for good. They didn't make it because Jagex has the best coders in the world. Jake Monroe, best coder in the world, works has server Owner! He is the guy that owns runescape In-game. He has orders to don't let hackers do any harm to rs. It's business men. All business! If hackers hit rs2 and runescape wins the battle Jagex cash will raise because of investors!
@uath13 (8204)
• United States
5 Jul 08
If they did that we'd all be stuck back in the old Varrok & Lumbridge. The rest of the RS world wouldn't even exist. Yea, that sounds like fun. They should make a new minigame where they load up the whiners & let us hunt them down. That would be fun.
• Estonia
18 Jul 08
Yup that would be super cool.
@jxdos123 (122)
• Hong Kong
9 Jul 08
why do ppl whine? coz their update is screwed up perhaps? if ur rs screen froze every second would u still be playing? pking? if you owned a load of str ammy (t) before the update and it was worth 490k, and the graphics update made it look like a fugly smudged str ammy, causing the price to fall below 400k, would u be happy? updates are definitely needed to improve everything b4 ppl switch to other games, but updates don't have a reason to downgrade anything compared to b4.