The first time you fall in love

July 4, 2008 6:53pm CST
Do you agree that, You never forget the first time you fall in love?Because people usually show all of the heart on the thing that is never happened before1
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@gothic03 (55)
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
I agree, you will never forget your first time love and even if you to do many things to forget that still it would not replace it in your heart and mind especially If you do have a happy moments.
@chiyosan (30194)
• Philippines
5 Jul 08
i think people will eventually forget about the past especially if that was not a good memory...
@sunname (101)
• China
5 Jul 08
my first love is at my second year in college, he is a account,and work in beijing ,we talk on telephone everyday for quite a long time ,and then we meet, eat,and depart,funny ,right?
@gemini_rose (16257)
5 Jul 08
Funny you should ask this really, I have been thinking about this myself recently. I am not sure that I ever really had a first love, I would say that the one person who had an affect on me the most in my life was more of a first real crush. I had lots of crushes in my school life but one I remember more than others and the emotions and feelings I remember are really strong. Of course he did not feel the same about me and we were only ever friends but he had a huge impact on my life. I often think of it now and I really do think that it was just that, a crush.
@lilaclady (28235)
• Australia
5 Jul 08
I think that depends on how old you are when you tend to fall in love, if you are very young it is almost like a fantasy, more like an idol crush but if you are older and things are more serious and there is a lot of emotional hurt involved you tend to look back and say "oh how could I"?
@rpegan (598)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I agree. A lot has happened in my life since my first love, but I don't think I could forget that time in my life if I tried!