Juju Practices

@Balozi (244)
July 5, 2008 1:29am CST
A woman was called from her place of work that her man had been caught red handed/legged with on a neighbour's wife. The twist of the tale was that they were stuck like siamese twins. Embarrassing huh! Intrigue! The doctor says one has to die to do a separation. The man culprit is in agony. The hubby of the culprit is called. He declares his wife will not die, 'fourty days of a thief are here'. People plead with the hubby to release them. He declares he wants ten cows. They negotiate with the culprit's wife and agree at seven cows. A document is drawn and signed. Is this legal? The man leaves the hospital and goes home. 30 mins later, the lovers separate. If it were u, would u do the deal? How nice is a neighbour's spouse!
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