whatdo you miss the most? any opinion?

July 5, 2008 7:27am CST
who do you miss the most? friends is wealth but being able to kwp in tough with all the friens you had could be a challenge too so who do you want to reconect the mst? if you are backtogether what do you want to sa to himor her/ you may encounter many people in your life and some f them will become your friends then how eer there will be fewones you miss ery much afterwards actualy it is difficult to keep in tough with all the friends you ahe to be honest i once was at a boarding school foe one and a half year but i have not seen any fiends or people of it any more since i left it nor did i have any future concontact to them might be that the boardign school was roughly a few 100 kilometers away from home and sanother that actually i left the schol shortly before the last exams took place so i could not visit anyone of my class any more as they all started studies in different placesthe ast contacct was bya email with my room neighbour but tat was afew years ago would not reaally like to speak tosome of my class amtes again for remembering and talking about that time again i often concect eith several fiedns no more than ten they are my intimate friends and i will talk everything with them though we are not in the same city we cantact with each other at any moment and share our feelings as son as ppossible i totally agree with the saying that friends is wealth
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