disaperaing creatures in your city anyopinion?

July 5, 2008 7:35am CST
do you remember the animals or insects or plants that you used to see when youwere kids? where are those crickets or grasshoppers now/ tell us about the disappearing creature sin your city? i can see some gecjo in my childhood but seldom gecko can be found owdays what is more i used to dig up akind of grass roots as snack when i was a kid in countryside it is remote memory ling in a big city now i am so far from the nature the gecko is realy thin i do not know why perhaps they can not buy enough food or pay for thebill? iondr why they looks much smaler hope i could see some gecko this summer besides i eer seen a hawk in the city of beijing many years ago at that day i may see him when i have exercse in the playground in the morning and mantis is also disappear after iron and person desire i saw that creatues from time to time it is ften seen in autmn
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