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@jsitko (1169)
United States
July 5, 2008 8:40am CST
I just got PM'd by the admin. early this morning that this forum is no longer paying as of today. He is claiming that it is due the spam and people just posting to earn cash not to post quality posts that he is putting off the paid to post option on hold. The admin will pay those who reached and requested payout prior to today. This really stinks, this is the second forum I am a member of that has done this. There are so many people out there that do this for the money that do not realize that you must make quality posts weather you are starting a new thread or replying to an existing thread. That is the only way you will make god money posting anyhow. The many that reply in one liners and start non productive threads are ruining it for the rest of us that actually use these forums for information. I will admit, I started using the forums as another way to promote links and to post for money, but then you see ourself learning more and more about all kinds of things and now the forums become something else. I see them as a large library of knowledge just waiting to be used, for internet, computer, learn other cultures and lifestyles from it's members...The list is endless. How many other forums are going to do this now? It will be ashame if all decide to, then there may not be that many members, even the valuable members may have to leave and not post. Lets face it, we are here to make money too.
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@maezee (41737)
• United States
28 Jan 10
I know that DestroyDebt did a while ago, but ever since I haven't really tried any other PTP sites. I'm a habitual MyLotter, I can't help it! lol.