HELP!!! someone is out to snatch my boy!

July 6, 2008 12:34am CST
Recently something has been haunting me.. I was having nightmares every single night! and I am afraid that someone might get a chance to snatch my boy from me! ... 3 days ago, my boy saw his ex on the train coincidentally. I thought it was just merely seeing.. cause the girl has gotten herself a boy.. and perhaps to me, she might has given up on my boy and led a new life.. But! i am WRONG! instead of just merely seeing, she sms-ed my boy, telling him exactly the same sentences to him right before she got herself a boyfriend. My boy did told her that he knew she got a boyfriend and asked her to treasure/ cherish her guy.. In fact, she told my boy that everything is not too late .. She sounds like she wants to have him back.. I was mad with my boy when he broke his promise of being late.. and i got to know the reason of him breaking the promise.. and it's because of his ex.. he saw his ex on the bus and because he wanted to avoid her and as well as receiving her ridiculous messages in the middle of the night... i really need help urgently.. :( what should i do now?
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