what kind partner is a good one? any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 6, 2008 1:46am CST
what kind partner is a good one? what is partner? it means the one who will do the same thing with you for example the man in the same team in the match can be called a partner the man in the same cooperation who are working with you aslo can be called a partner the man tracvel out together with you is your artner if you observe carfully the you will find the partner exists almost every where in your daily life so what kind partner is agood one? amybe different people have diferent oinion as forme i think that a good artner should be of such good qualities firstly when youare in traoulble he should have the ability to give you ecncourageand guide you to go of it sencondly when ou are in good mood he should have the patience to enjoy such sense with you thirdlyandmost importantly he should have some merits whicha re worthy for you learning at every time my dear friends what is your opinions about a good partner? welcome to hear your standpoints you have already answered the most important aspect of your queston when you gave the definition of a patner but you should be more precise by teellling us wat kind of artner you really intend to talk about you talked aout a aprtner in the game at work
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