mayans, sumerians, end of the world- nonsense

United States
July 6, 2008 6:02am CST
I have looked up the mysterious tenth planet that is suppose to come back in 2012- which just so happens to be when the mayans said the calendar will stop or looser translation the world will end. actually- it wont and for those of you who think it might. it is a coin toss. however here are the facts. the temple the mayans built to the gods - the same one that has 365 steps- at 11:11 am on the same day as the winter solcist the light show of shadows will begin and for 44 minutes you will be able to watch as the shadow moves down the pyrimid. the only thing special about this is the fact that the tail of the shadow snake will align with the sun moving into the exact center of the milky way galaxy. sure it will be a site to see, but nothing is going to happen. as for the mysterious tenth planet, well there is no such thing. if a planet had that size of a rotation, it would have the vilocity to swing around the sun and not even effect us but since physics tells a different story of how a planet that size with the rotation, it will simply just shoot out in to space and problably be picked up by a neighboring galaxy. as for the asteriod, well no one needs to worry about that till 2029 when one will dip below earths satillites coming within 22,000 miles. and even then i am sure it will just be pretty cool to watch. okay did i miss one? if i did let me know and i will do the research to find out if it is fact or fiction.
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