the most foolish thing you have ever done? any opinion/

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July 6, 2008 8:23am CST
the most foolish thing you have ever done let us talk about foolish things you have done i the past what is the story like/ i am afraid i waste too much time in my life it is apity besides did some wrong choce and that is my destiny i ahve to face and accep the most foolish thing i ahve done is that my trousers is broken which is in my buttock is broken which is in my uttock my siter di always clads and i was not very happy aboutthis actually as alot of friends said above i ahve done so many foolish things in the past as well let me talk about one of them which happened in high schoolchoose as a new monitor in our clas and i tried tos et up my strictness at the very very begining ecause our class is a key class nad msot students are always oon the top when were in middle schoo they were not used to be managed by others so i got angry about them when mst of them are late for school after the luch i was break i got so crazy at that time and asked all o stand up aawarmed them with great anger that is a shocking action for most of them and i was the worst thing is that i went around in our classrom when i got home and was ready to sleep i found my trouser was broken i di not go to schol the next day and
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6 Jul 08
I wet cow tipping. I know it was foolish? I was a teen and went with friends. I did not want to go and felt bad for the animal..but I followed instead of saying NO! The cow was fine and the next day there seemed no trauma. Still, I am an animal lover, so I felt bad. A foolish, stupid thing.)