What're your ambitions when you were still a kid?

July 7, 2008 2:14am CST
We're you able to reach these especially now that you are adult. If not, do you still plan to continue pursuing your ambitions when you're still a kid or do you have a new ambition now to pursue?
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• China
7 Jul 08
I remember when I was young the teacher asked us to write a composition named "what you want to be 20 years later". I wrote I wanted to be a royal policewoman in Hong Kong. And my teacher insulted me in front of the whole class that I was an idiot that there would be no royal policemen then because Hong Kong had been returned. I cried through the 15 minutes break. And then I gave up my dream. Later I was eager to be a teacher, a good teacher like who helped me a lot during my learning period and who changed me into a normal child from a weird girl. But my dream broke when I graducated from university. And now, my dream is to be a good writer for children. I love children very much. But I can't find enough good books for children. I want to write for them. I don't want to see weird children like I used to be when I was young. I believe books can save them a pure and colorful world.