Can a 4 year old have OCD?

United States
July 7, 2008 10:15am CST
Ok so I wanna get different opinions on this subject. I was watching tv awhile back, I believe it was Oprah but im not sure, and there was kids on there with a disease called tureets syndrome (spelling) they said along with that comes OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Anyways, they went on to say that its not genetic and that young children cant get it or dont show symtoms til they are older like 10-12 years of age. However my daughter I believe shows it very well. And considering the fact her father has it really bad i believe she does have it. She will do stuff like color cordnate my hangers. When she asks a question and says "right" and you say yes instead of "right" she will have a fit til you say right instead of yea. She always has to wash her cup off cause she says its dirty. And its just little things like that that makes me wonder. Shes going to be starting school here soon and I wanna make sure everything is fine with her. What do you all think? Can a 4 year old have OCD? And if so what should I do? And can it be genetic?
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@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
7 Jul 08
A 4 year old can't be diagnosed OCD, this does not neccesairly mean the can't show symptoms of OCD. OCD has a lot of symptoms that autistic children have as well. The colour coordinating and not being able to accept differences (like you said with the words) are things autistic children have as well. It can also be a way to coordinate her world and get structurized. When in doubt I would go see your doctor and tell him your worries. He can supply you with adresses to get her tested if this is neccessairy. It's a good thing that you watch your daugther closely, if something is wrong it's better to know at a young age. Like I said, it might be something that passes over, a fase where she tries out if this gives her more grip on the world. If it keeps going on for a couple of months it's a good idea to see someone about it.