Is your city polluted?

July 7, 2008 11:49am CST
Do you think your city polluted? Is there any activity going on to control pollution. The city I am living is getting more and more polluted. The trees are vanishing and pollution in increasing. I don't think there is any major activity going on to control the situation.
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• Indonesia
7 Jul 08
well, i think my city is also polluted. there are too many car and motorbike in my city. and some people still burn their garbage. but fortunately there are still many trees in my city.
• India
7 Jul 08
Hi Thanks for the response. The trees can prevent pollution in some extent. There are multi storied buildings all over my city. Now a days they are constructing skycrapers every where and this will destroy the beauty of the city also.
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
Yes. My city is polluted. I'm from the Philippines and our pollution situation is pretty bad. We used to have a beautiful river call the Pasig river but because of all the factories and people who dump trash in it, it has become a black and disgusting river. In the morning, when you look up, you'll see that the sky is brownish. That's the air pollution caused by the great volume of cars here. We have a Clean Air Act that's supposed to solve the problem but no one is enforcing it. Our landfills are filling up so fast that we have mountains of trash. The trash dump is called the Smokey Mountain because there's so much trash that it actually looks like a mountain range from a far. The worst part is, people actually live there.
@knightrider (1083)
• India
7 Jul 08