Can you imagine life without internet at this stage?

July 7, 2008 11:51am CST
Internet has become a part and parcel of our lives these days. Now, I think, we would find life really boring without internet. It has become very easy for us to keep in touch with our distant friends and relatives, which was quite time and money consuming before the internet. We would have to wait atleast for a month or so to receive back the response to the letter we have mailed to them, by the time our letter reaches them and they sit to respond and mail back to us, it would obviously take a month or so, but now, you get instant replies to your mails. You can chat with your friends at the cheapest rates. It was so expensive to make long distant calls, in the past. But now, it has become the cheapest and best mode of communication. Do you agree with me? Let me have your opinions.
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@challs12 (549)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 08
Yes I agree with you. Internet just the cheapest way to communicate nowadays and no other service can beat it. I use to call my brother when he was in UK few years back and it cost me few $ a minute. This year, my sister currently in UK, I don't have to call her neither do her, we use Yahoo Messenger to talk and chat. I can see her and her family. :) That's why I agree with your words. I just pay my internet bills to communicate with my family thousand miles away from me. Thanks to this great facilities that offered by internet. But, on the negative part, internet also being used by scammers to earn easy money from us through their phishing and scam emails to us. :(