history degree, now what to do with it

July 7, 2008 4:02pm CST
I just got my history degree and wonder what to do with it now. I am wondering if anyone here has any ideas what you can do with it.
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
7 Jul 08
Hello there amandar, why would you spend money on a subject that would eventually becomes your career and does not know what to do with it. You can work as an historian in one of the Government services that requests this type of person or teach it in high school or college level. I think it would have been best to have investigate out this subject before you spend time, money and energy on it. Why don't you do a BLOG on this subject and see the responses. Maybe you will be able to be employed one never knows their luck.
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7 Jul 08
Well I am in teachers college as well now. But I was just cuirous as to what else was out there that someone could do with a historical degree. I didnt just pay for something that I knew wouldnt benefit me in the future. Thank you for your help. I will look into the Government services.
• Canada
7 Jul 08
No clue WHAT to do with it in a day to day career, but I can suggest something. Why ot write a book? You have plenty you could research, and the book would probably sell well, and help someone else et their istory degree, and write aother book. Hey, money's money. Cogratulations on your degree.
7 Jul 08
That is true, Thanks for the congratualtions. I never thought about writing a book. I would love to write on something to do with september 11th i am completly obsessed with that day. Thanks I never thought about that. I am going through teachers college, so maybe I could write a book while just supplying on the days i have off!.
• Philippines
30 Aug 08
If you do not want to teach what I would suggest is, do some historical-related researches, prove it then publish it! That would definitely make you a historian per se. Kind Regards, Natty Dread
• United States
8 Jul 08
You really have a multitude of opportunities. You could go straight into the workforce in communications, business, museum work, nonprofit careers, etc. You could go to graduate school or seek secondary teaching credentials. You also might want to consider law school, business school, or some other post-undergrad pursuits. You could even get into a government career or do a service program!