Have the Olympics been to YOUR country?

New Zealand
July 7, 2008 7:25pm CST
I'm Chinese so everyone's probably heard of the Beijing Olympics coming up. I couldn't imagine anyone who hasn't by now. xD I've lived in New Zealand most of my life though and they've never taken place here. What about you? Have they come to your country(or countries)? Where and when?
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@cripfemme (7710)
• United States
16 Aug 08
That I remember, they were in LA California in 1984, Atlanta in 1996, and Utah in 2002. I am from the US and I'm probably forgetting some times. I didn't check on Wikipedia, but relied on my own memory in this regard.
• United States
8 Jul 08
I live in America so we have had a few lately. I lived about 2 hours from Atlanta during the 96 Olympics. I was really young at the time. We didn't get many tickets, but I remember going to see a Mexico and South Korea soccer match. It was quite an experience. We also saw Cuba play someone else in a baseball game which was pretty cool.
@wyomugs (247)
• United States
8 Jul 08
Um... since I live in the USA... safe to say... yeah... we've had our share of Olympics here... both winter and summer.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
8 Jul 08
I liove in Australia so we have had had it twice, I know New Zealanders may not think the same as me but I always think of New Zealand as a part of Australia, I know it isn't but I always think that way...I wonder if New Zealand ever actually apply for it....