Forex and chance to make money???

July 7, 2008 9:13pm CST
I've traded forex for 1 year and I think it's not the way to make money .I can earn more bur what I lost is more than what I earn .I read an article said that :most of people trading forex is not rich .They don't make a wealth with forex ,and so on ,it make them stress . And u? Are u forex trader? what is ur purpose when u trade forex and do u think forex is a chance to make money and get rich?
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@arun687 (517)
• India
25 Jul 08
Forex has got a lot of potential for experienced people, however to get there you need lots of patience and hard work....check out this site for a few tips to improve yourself....
• Colombia
8 Jul 08
I have some friends who invested in Forex. They explained to me how it works and I really don't like that. So, I have to give someone my money and pray for 6 months or a year to make a profit? No, thanks! I prefer to do things myself and I don't want to learn about stock so Forex is not for me. My friends have made some money, yes. But I don't think you can get rich. Forex is so risky for me.