Some tips about mobiles phones??Did u know abt these?

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@coolnash (110)
July 8, 2008 12:14am CST
did u know mobile phones can be very useful at times...especially nokia.. am going to give u some tips,if u know more just post it... 1. if one day u've put the alarm in ur car n the remote is lost and u are very far from home...just try this...take ur mobile and call someone on his mobile at home...tell him to take the spare remote and press it near the mobile phone n u put ur mobile near the car...the alarm will be switched really works... 2. if u are in danger or need someone urgently but ur battery is low(nokia)*3370# ur mobile will restart with 50% reserve energy...this has been done purposely for emergency..
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@ArchTech (45)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
thanks for the tips, especially the car alarm, the tech is really amazing!... :)
@akrockz (306)
• India
9 Jul 08
very informative one...
@soubhaan (85)
• Pakistan
9 Jul 08
Wow Nice sharing keep its up
@juliefaye (1214)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
wow that's amazing. I jot down the number for a low battery. Thanks for sharing this one.
@srpkinja (375)
• Canada
8 Jul 08
thats useful. but i dont have a nokia phone. i dont think motorola phones have any of those fancy tricks. but if you know any, please do tell.
@qhwater (393)
• China
8 Jul 08
thanks for sharing the tips, coolnash! i also will keep your tips and let my friends know about them. trust they will help us in one day. enjoy your life!
@suren20 (162)
• India
8 Jul 08
Thank you for your valuable information.This kind of things never arrived in my life so far.
@excellence7 (3649)
• Mauritius
8 Jul 08
wow, thanks for the really works...