Do you Believe in Demonic Possesion?

@suzieque (2336)
November 3, 2006 2:41pm CST
It has been documented on TV and professionals say it's a mental disorder. I believe it can happen and strange things happen in the world. I don't believe we know everything just by what we see.
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@vicele (328)
• Kenya
3 Nov 06
I dont believe it's a mental disorder.In this beautiful but weired world of ours anything is possible.If a man can fall in love with a man and woman ,woman(I'm not against it),how strange can we get??
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@suzieque (2336)
• Canada
3 Nov 06
Thanks for your input. It's interesting to know not everyone thinks it's a mental disorder.
@flowerchilde (12534)
• United States
2 Jul 07
I actually do believe there is plenty of demonic possession and see lots of evil evidence for it! I saw a documentary on the movie "The Exorcist" which said it was based on the story of a boy (not a girl) and the trouble began when his aunt came to visit and they used a ouija board. That was interesting. I do believe there are one third of all the angels, which rebelled along with Lucifer, who was also an angel and I believe there is a war between good and evil. [But God sent the "savior of us all" intended right from the beginning as God Himself indirectly created evil when he endowed thinking ability to angel and man.. but his only other option was for there never to be rational thinking creatures, ever..
@laltu86 (1253)
• India
2 Jul 07
I dont belive much in demonic posession as i am a science student i prefer to be logical then to be synical , i decide on facts and truths, anyways have a good day ahead.