do you know what it's like to live in rice fields?

July 8, 2008 6:39am CST
I was born in the city and was raised in the city. All I see are cement pavements and walls. But there was a time in my life when I had to live in the province. There I saw a different world. People talk differently, act differently...but are very curious about strangers in front of them. All in all it was a learning experience. Sleeping in tents, fishing in the river, walking barefoot....i can go on and on...i love it. Do you think you'd survive it too? No computers, no air conditioning...but lots of fresh air!!
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@NonaSaile (924)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
I was born in the province, though in the provincial capital, a city. I grew up there. Yes, it was truly a different world. But I remember with a lot of fondness -all that wide, open space to run around with the wind on my face, looking out into the sea, riding paddle boats, fishing with the simplest hook and line. Swimming! No tv, no electric fan, no taxis. To be sure, it was a beautiful life.
• Philippines
25 Aug 08
Thanks a lot for sharing. I can imagine how wonderful it must have been for you. Now that you've probably moved to the city like me, all the more you see how beautiful simple life can be. No hustle and bustle...miss it so... Thanks again and good luck!!
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• Philippines
14 Oct 08
Yeah. I miss it too. I'm thinking, I should be relocating back to the province. The city I grew up in does not look so quaint anymore, I think city government planning has been very remiss over the decades. But there are still areas outside of the city where life is free of urban material values, where the beaches and the rivers are still relatively pristine.