Internet Scam

July 8, 2008 7:38am CST
Recently, I had been using my browser to search for potential clients for my food products for export. Meaning, I joined many b2b sites to promote my products. I realized that though internet is a powefull tool it can also cause a lot of grief for business people like me. My experience was that i received many inquiries on my products and spent money for courier services for samples only to find out that most of my huge inquiries are scammers or hoax. It's frustrating because, I get my hopes up, I pray that this negotiations comes thru and then I realize its all a scam. This scams usually comes from Africe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, etc. My question then is how can one find honest to goodness companies who I can offer my products to? How do I verify inquiries coming from Africa? I know that not all people from Africa are scammers but how do I know which one's are valid companies? Help!!!
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@Muelitz (1592)
• Canada
8 Jul 08
I am not well versed in business dealings but here is my two cents worth of advice. I am not sure how it is called in your country but there are government offices that registers all legal companies i.e Securities and Exchange Commission for the Philippines. You may want to check the companies that you plan to transact with from government institutions like that so you can verify if it fly-by-night or a legal company. Hope this helps.
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Hi, I do that actually but unfortunately if you are in export not all countries have online service similar to security stock exchange where you can check the validity of a business. Specially in Africa, I tried checking that but could not find any.