Do you remember the ZX81? or your first computer?

@Wizzywig (7858)
July 8, 2008 8:58am CST
Clive Sinclair's ZX81 - we were in awe of the 'graphics' which were largely a variation on straight lines and asterisks - in black and white. Did you (or your parents) have one and did you upgrade to a Spectrum?? If not, what was your first computer?
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9 Jul 08
My dad had a number of different computers when i was younger, from the sinclair, through spectrum, atari, amiga through the PC scale. At school i remember using the old RM Nimbus to do things like make a picture appear and change colours .... My first self-owned PC was a celeron 500mhz about 8yrs ago. Since then i've bult all my own ones (and hundreds of others for friends and clients in between).
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