Email Scams Driving Me Crazy

United States
July 8, 2008 12:33pm CST
I just checked my email again and out of 48 junk emails 30 of them were scams. Now these are the ones where I'm a benificiary of 2.5 million dollars but they don't know my name, or my email address has been chosen as the winner in a 10 million dollar lottory, or some dieing widow wants me to take her money and build churches, or I can be a partner in a company that needs someone in the US to transfer funds! Where do these people get my address? I have tried blocking senders, but they change everyday. I don't want to change my email address, I have had it for many years and all my people know it by heart. Its just irritating getting these emails even thou they are in my junk box I still have to see them. I have even replied to some of these people telling them that I want them to take me off there list I am not interested and I have even sent them multiple emails like 5 at a time asking them how they like it. If anyone knows how to stop these emails without changing your email I would love to hear it.
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@missbdoll (1168)
• Australia
9 Jul 08
I'm just feeling greateful at the moment that I haven't had any for a week or two.Sometimes I get several every week.And I have no idea how to stop them.
• United States
8 Jul 08
I would love to find that out myself, dizzykitty. I get them everyday too. The first one I got, I replied to it not knowing it was a scam. They wrote me back asking for some very personal information and that's when I realized it was phony. I didn't respond back, of course, but I still get emails like that all the time. They are all out of this country, not from USA, so I don't know how they get our email addresses. I delete my cookies everytime I exit the internet. If you get any answers, let me know. Good luck to you. Donna