My 18 month old son has cavities!

United States
July 8, 2008 6:24pm CST
I just recently took my 18 month son to the dentist for the very first time. My pediatrician had said that we could wait til more of his teeth started coming out before I took him if I wanted. And since I have such a hard time with him at the doctors office sitting still, I waited til he was older. I started noticing on his teeth what looked to me like plaque so I was constantly brushing his teeth and even bought a kids spinbrush to do a better job. Yet when I took him I was told he had cavities and that if they got worse they would have to put caps on his teeth. He doesn't sleep with bottles. He still breastfeeds though, which I am trying to get him off of. They are telling me the cause is breastfeeding. Because he falls asleep while breastfeeding in the night. I've had people tell me that breastfeeding consists of sucking so it never stays in his mouth unlike a bottle where milk can just it in there. Also when babies suck it doesn't touch their front teeth because it is over the breast. Its his top teeth that have cavities. I am so worried about him because I do not want him to grow with rotten teeth. This is my first child so any advice would be helpful. How to take care of his teeth, or has anyone heard of breastmilk causing bad teeth? (I thought breastmilk was healthy). Let me know if you've gone through something similar. I don't want my child to get caps because I heard they have to drug the child to put him under. That would be horrible for me and him. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks!!!
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