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United States
July 8, 2008 7:08pm CST
The other day it was nice out and I had some spare time (very rare) so I went outside, sat in a chaise lounge and started reading. After about 10 minutes I could barely see the words. The sun was so bright that I just couldn't read anymore. The book is printed on recycled paper, so it wasn't even the bright white paper that is blinding in bright light. The last time I did this- probably over a year ago, I didn't have this problem. Has this ever happened to you? Do you have trouble reading outside because the sun is so bright?
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@snowy22315 (81910)
• United States
9 Jul 08
That isnt what bothers me when I go outside to read. It is all the darn bugs around here. There are bees and all sorts of flying insects. I really cant stand to be out there when the bugs are out. I like to go out there in the fall when the flying insect season is basically over.
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@Essie119 (673)
• Canada
10 Jul 08
I love to read outside, but I too find that regargless of the type of paper it is hard on the eyes. I now have a pair of perscription sunglasses that I wear when I'm doing anything outside, including reading.
@Allie666 (60)
• China
9 Jul 08
Please avoid reading in the sun. It's bad for your eyes. Eyes are important to ourselves! :)
• China
9 Jul 08
I think the much better resort for reading in a bright sunny day is to read in a shade. In the shade, it will prevent you from too much light and a sunny day shade will not be too dim for you to read. Another approach to read is to read before the sunset. When the sun is setting, the light became much more cozy for you eyes but not so dim. So you can enjoy reading outside from the beginning of sunset to the dusk fall.
@bea_29 (321)
• Philippines
9 Jul 08
hi there.. i do experienced what you have especially if you are from the computer then read outside the house. i love reading, but nowadays am trying to minimized it. am having terrible headaches. my doctor prescribed me an eyeglass, my vision is deteriorating, with my vision at positive 70. it is difficult for me to recognize people if they are far from me..
@wangth89 (47)
• China
9 Jul 08
Wow!I think reading outside is very enjoyable.But when read outside I prefer novels,because I think if I read professional books,the enviroment will stop concentrate on it.So I prefer novels.As for you problem, I have met.