Always start a day with a smile :)

July 8, 2008 7:40pm CST
i want to be happy and all of us wants to be happy and contented if our life. one day someone told me that if i want to be happy,always start a day with a smile partnered with polite greetings. even your have problems and difficulties in life,try to think the best solution,pray,have faith,faith that you will surpass the trials,take a deep breath,and start smiling... :) GODBLESS us all... :)
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@baddying (89)
• China
9 Jul 08
yeh,I agree with F1. If you are not happy inside, you cannot really be happy just by smilling outside. Smile is important but only smiling from the heart can you get the real happiness. When we feel sad, we should think of a happy place, person or thing, smile with it and then happiness comes.
9 Jul 08
yeah,i agree with you,just think happiness happened in your life,and you start smiling... :) thanks
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
22 Jul 08
Hi there. I totally agree with you, no matter what challenges are ahead of you, always reach for and think of the best and happy thoughts to drown out the stress and personally, everytime this solution has worked for me. Have a great day, keep on smiling, think positive and keep the faith...
• United States
10 Jul 08
I don't think I've ever started my day with a smile. It's something that I would honestly love to do. The little sleep that I do get takes a lot out of me every day. But I do respond positively towards other people. Sometimes life is a mess, but we should take the time to smile more often.
@naseeha (1383)
• India
9 Jul 08
Yes youre absolutely right. When you start your day with a smile it does not end up in making only you happy. Your smile will light up anothers face and that person will carry out your smile to others and the happy feeling will spread all around.... Keep smiling Welcome to mylot. Have a wonderful time here
@snowy22315 (79494)
• United States
9 Jul 08
It feels fake if you do it when your heart is not happy. I can only smile when I am actually ahppy if I dont it doesnt feel right on my face. I do like to smile though when I'm in a good mood.