We need a change people.

United States
July 8, 2008 11:32pm CST
Let's see, we as a nation rank in popular statistics as the worst in all the top fields and top in the worst fields. Such as, We are the most obese country, and were also the farthest behind on education. Look at our economy, it's going down, and I think we can do better. Look at everything we had accomplished in the past few of decades. Went from having computers that filled rooms to it being an extra in your cell phone. Internet went from dial up to wireless handheld. Now, we are just kinda waiting out china and japan to bring out the next smallest thing. Our technology went from rising up to leveling off. And alot of thing reflect on that. We rely way to much for others help and it weakens all of us. Truthfully, we can do better, and motivation is only as big of a hurdle as we make it out to be. I'm not trying to sell anything, truthfully I couldn't care less about how it all goes, I just want a group to at least try. Religion is failing with alot of people cause they just show up to make themselves feel better that their making an accomplishment. By getting up early, driving to a church of your choice and sitting, standing or kneeling for a few hours out of the week is not an accomplishment. Getting out and applying your learned faith and rules of common sense without pushing it on them, now that's an accomplishment. The politics of this country have also grown sour. To many people in power and to many lawers and business men channeling them to suit their own needs. The average working person makes what? Of course, the resounding answer for that question will always be "Never enough". As a result, minor things can have a major impact on everyone. Such as, One group of people that export their main source of income raise the price on their product. All the countries that depend on that product will pay it because that would be the easy choice. Rather than actually band together and try to come up with an alternative to live without that product to begin with. And yes, I'm talking about oil. Look who's on the board that commission the prices of oil, their mostly middle eastern, native to the very countries that we are fighting in. Look at it this way, If I hated you with all my heart, I'll still take your money. Bottom line, we need to change things. One person is smart, a crowd is dumb, panicey, and has a short fuse. But if they are all under one ideal, they move above the crap faster than they can catch them. Every choice you make effects you and others more than you know. That ice cream in front of you could be the 5 lbs on your butt next week. The day you hit a child for being bad could be the one that ducks at a shooting instead of firing the gun. The day you pay attention could be the day you avoid an accident. That 5 minutes in traffic could save or end a marriage. Everything in life is based on choices, and realizing that they effect others as much as you is the first step of being a better person. If not, then your the ignorant, arrogant, impatient, selfish jerk that every country hates. Just a thought. So, After realizing the potential power you have with your choices, both good and bad, you can move on to thinking about what's better or worse for others. By doing so in a realistic manner, you can help alot of people out. Or manipulate them. Choices do go both ways. So, look at the problems of today, get with the people who think along the lines that you do, and make something happen. If your town has a drug problem, stop them. If your area is boring, make games. If someone's depressed, listen to them. Apathy is a death I don't wanna live through.
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