All You PTC Users Please Come Forward

United States
July 9, 2008 12:11am CST
Since getting back into using PTC sites I have made great progress in building a strong downlines. They too love the idea on how fast it has built them into making money as well as me. In my early days I was using only two PTC sites at that time such as and then come to realize that these sites have more bad ratings than good. Then I stopped for a while and then less than a week ago I thought of doing some thorough research on PTC and looked for which ones had more payment proofs and which sites paid out faster. I found a lot especially from Squidoo's sites. So since joining back 6 days ago and getting about 20+ downlines I have noticed a good difference in earnings and am pleased. A lot of my sites I have joined are listed in my mylot profile. Most of these sites were top highly recommended and have lots of proof that other PTC members have been paid using them and so that open up my eyes and gave me the eagerness to do so. So how about some of you PTC users? How well have you made your earnings? How has your payouts been coming along? Do you hold good faith with your PTC sites? I want to hear your point of views and your experience.
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• New Zealand
9 Jul 08
Wow! I think I've been able to get a total of zero referrals so far. People seem interested enough until I tell them the slow money. I should really stop doing that, lol. I've haven't reached any payouts yet.