@inia_54 (176)
July 9, 2008 4:04am CST
Modern treatment for canser is very, very for expensive and on top of that is no guarantee for cure. From my reading, I understand cancer can be cured or prevented using traditional medicine or natural herbs. If you have some information on this please share with me. I would like to gather such information from around the world. Thank you.
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• India
11 Jul 08
Cancer treatment rely mainly on surgery,cytotoxic theraphy and radiation.Achivements and successes are well reflected in the longer survivalperiod and better quality of oflife,cancer still spreads locally,recurs and remains one of the top killers.Herbal medicine appears to offer holistic support via as yet unkown pathways. this volume reveals the practice of cancer treatment using herbs from all over the world,including china,india and japan.It provides comprehensive information about the herbs commonly used,the logic of herbs some of the mechanisam of action and other means of palliative treartment.While cancer victims have a thirst of choosing their own supplemntary treatment
@bmorehouse1 (1028)
• United States
10 Jul 08
I truly believe that the pharmaceutical companies don't want to see a cure for cancer because they are making BIG bucks off all the medicines and treatments for cancer. I have seen people go through many types of treatments and some are cured and some aren't. So how do you know what medicine to rely on? Its all a guess to me. Sorry I can't really help you out.
@Jhordie (5116)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
Until now, THERE IS REALLY NO CURE for CANCER! In my own personal belief, it is not the traditional medicine that cures an individual but rather their FAITH most of all. I personally doesn't believe with such medicine BUT I DO BELIEVE IN FAITH!