~ A Question Concerning Alterative Energy Fuel Sources.... ~

United States
July 9, 2008 4:32am CST
Ok so we've all heard enough talk concerning it, & we are all paying a very high price at gas stations all over the United States, and we've heard all the discussions about other possible (ans Safer) forms of Alternative Fuel energies. Here's my question, which source of Alternative engergies would you like to see being used as a replacement for Oil? Would you pick Corn? Water (Hydro) Wind Energies, Coal based engies or Nuclear energies as a replacement for Oil? And how soon would You like to see these go into action? Please post you reply here! Thanks & take care! :D ~ SUE ~ Please check out the Following website! Thanks! :D http://r.yuwie.com/simplegurl1969/
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@academic2 (7004)
• Uganda
9 Jul 08
I rally dont know, but personally I see these OPEC countries as very arrogant oil powers who are trying control the world by hiking oil prices-let alternative energy be wind-my country is windy and the sun is allover the place-lets go solar, lets use wind power lets boycot oil-I cant afford any good foods today because prices are beyond my reach because of oil. Even the idea of biofuel is a non starter-many people are abandoning crop production in favor of bio fuel and causeing food insecurity-lets go wind, solar and nuclear.
@cjgrooms (4456)
• United States
9 Jul 08
Corn, grown in the united states, also water, wind and solar power. I say this because i don't want my children or grand children going through this if one source gets scarce. Besides having a back-up is always a good idea.