help.. how do others cope.

July 9, 2008 5:27am CST
do others find it stressful, or is it just me? I can go online, maybe 10+ online and most of them will message me, expecting instant response or will nudge several times for attention (nudges now disabled).. Yes i can reply to say i am busy talk later.. but then asking many questions, why, when talk and so on grrrrrr. How do people manage? I try to go in, in busy or away status but this don't seem to help, no one takes any notice of the status and will STILL spam with messages and nudges. Then even worse if in meantime more come online and begin to send messages. Sometimes seems that i must be only one in their contact list, i wish would talk others too, so i can.. lol If msn open, all time has to be focused on that.. Do anyone else get the same? what u do, use block and unblock lol or just ignore some.. At times offline seems to be the only answer but cant send files or open cam offline. Just thing some people need to chill out..
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@knightrider (1083)
• India
25 Jul 08
you are lucky that after some prodding people respond, but when they ignore for days on end, its diffcult
25 Jul 08
i never prod anyone.. i never get the chance anyway, cos as soon as i am online i am prodded too much.. if i am in mylot and most my time is here these days lool i cna not have msn online aswell, be impossible to deal with thanks for your response, have a nice day
24 Jul 08
Its very stressful and a real pain in the *** lol best thing ive found is just to turn the volume off and pick the people you want to speak to and reply to them 1st give it a try
25 Jul 08
hey :) come as shock to get a reply to this one finally so i thank you for the response and also, welcome to mylot, i see you are maybe quite new here. you say turn volume off but thing is i like to listen music and through earphones hahahaha.. which is waht makes it worse lol i have started doing that, pick whom want talk to and totally ignore others, not even loook at the message.. if i am in busy status then not hear any video calls i not used msn now for over week, thanks to mylot hehe.. needed a rest from all the stress anyway.. happy mylotting
• Singapore
19 Feb 10
Wow, that's quite an opposite reaction from mine. I don't usually have friends talking to me when I'm online even though I have 200 over friends. I always had to start the conversation off them. Maybe you can go online and ignore their conversations. Just minimise the windows. Then reply them after a long while. After some times, they would lose their patience and don't expect instant replies from you.