Edison deceive the world

July 9, 2008 9:08am CST
We all know edison said :genius=99%sweat water+1%afflatus But have you ever think that all people successed are all pay out 99%sweat water..i do not think so.. yes ..there are many examples can prove it. 1:Bill is a programmer ..he was too lazy to study then he flunk out..he was lazy to keep those complex DOS order..then we all use the computer which are the same face.. 2:coca cola.its boss was even lazy..he just use some glucide and water ..after it just take a bottle potted it..and then anywhere you can find many people are all drink the liquid just as blood.. 3:ronaldo.the greatest football star ..He is so lazy that he just do not want to move ..after the other people run around the court..you can find that other people are exhaustion and he still maintain his energy.. lazy to climb the stairs then we have elevator lazy to kill people one by one then we have bomb lazy to go to concert then we have CD .......... ..........
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