do you recognise the book??

July 9, 2008 9:11am CST
they tryed to speak,but could not, and tears stood in their eyes.They were both pale and ill,but in those white and worn faces already blamed the dawn of a restored future,and full resurection to a new life.Love and afection rose upon them ;the heart of one held within it an eternal store of lihgt and love for the heart of the other.They resolved to wait and have patience .For him there still remaind seven years of much pain and suffering but so much happines!He was saved !He knew it,and was conscious fully of his renwed being.And she was part of his life! The evening of that day came ,and Raskolnikoff lay and thought of her.His fellow-convicts seemed to have looked kindly upon him durin unending affection which had ended all her sufferings.Yes;and what were now all these torments of the past!All-even his sin,and sentence,and exile-appeared to him,in the first transports ,as if they had not occurrde ,or were swept away.he could not,that evening gring tis thoughts to bear long upon anything;he only felt!Life-full,real earnest life ,was comming and had driven away his cogitations.Under his pillow lay the New Testament.He took it up mechanically.The book belonged to had remaind unopened.
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