How to make money?

July 9, 2008 9:28am CST
Money is not everything,but at the same time,money is neccessary.A world wide statistic shows that if someone whose annual salary is under 100000 dollars,that means money play a important role in his life.Because at this level,more money means more happiness.If someone's annual salary is above 100000 dollars,money will mot so important anymore.Because more money will not mean more happiness for them. If we have enough money,we could get better education and enjoy more recreation.We could meet more compatriots in world famous tourist attractions. But everything has its own way,so does making money!High salary positions are more difficult to get espially in this competitive society.The only legitimat way to earn more money is to work harder and make ourselves more useful to this society.If you are really excellent,surely you could get more money. How to make money?What is the best and quickest way?Of course we can not break the law.My friends,why not show your opinions here,do not keep silent pls!
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9 Jul 08
I suppose that it's all a matter of perspective. Even if you managed to earn $100,000 per year, if you were spending $110,000 -- that would not be good. If you earned $100,000 and were able to live on $10,000 per year - then you would have all sorts of discretionary income to spend. Part of the other advantage of having money is the ability to take care of yourself. Taking care of your body through good nutrition, exercise, and health care can be very expensive - and so having the means (i.e., the money) to take care of yourself can help. I'm not sure that working harder is necesarily the answer. Working harder may earn you more money, but it ultimately takes its toll on your body, which does eventually wear out. I've heard it said that you should "work smarter" - and that probably means that you should spend smarter, too, using your earnings to find ways to earn money without having to "work hard" for it. Thanks for your discussion thread!
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9 Jul 08
moeny is evrything u can buy anything with money.. \thats p00p i know but this is life