myLot earnings

United States
July 9, 2008 3:25pm CST
i earned 35 cents each day so far on my lot. Its only been 2 days but is that good earnings and if not how would i get more?
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@Zmugzy (773)
15 Jul 08
I think 35 cents per day is pretty good going. I think the best way to increase your earnings is to participate in meaningful discussions by making plenty of postings and responding to people when they make posts on your discussions. When you make a post it should be meaningful and more than just one sentence. You should only ever start interesting discussions and avoid boring subjects. Also you should make sure that you write clearly and avoid lots of typing errors and spelling mistakes. Good luck!
@arcidy (5015)
• United States
9 Jul 08
Well thats not bad to start off with. I think thats what I started making at first when I first joined here a day or less. And you should make a goal for yourself like try to make 50 cents every day when your on here and I think that would help you make more money since I started making goals for myself its deffintley helped me make more money.
@petiksmode (2986)
• Philippines
9 Jul 08
you are doing just fine there are times i earned lower than what you stated even until now so i think you are doing great... welcome here and happy mylotting!!!
@siddiqali (632)
• India
9 Jul 08
You can earn more by referring freinds participating in all the type of discussions and uploading photos.
@cream97 (29164)
• United States
9 Jul 08
You have to continue to post as much as you can in a day and everyday until the next payout from myLot. It is great that you have earned 35 cents each day that shows much effort. Just continue to post as much as you can.