July 9, 2008 9:55pm CST
"B!tch" is the name that's how they call me The one behind the destruction of family I've grown up being judge with my identity they we're all thinking that I'm kinda flirty Asking myself, "where did I go wrong?" If all I did is to love you so strong Wa it my fault to enjoy your game? well, definitely, boys are all the same I love you though you're commited I don't care if I'm the last on the names listed I'm willing to sare, I'm not selfish Thus, every minute with you is to be cherish Your kiss, your touch, your all I need The hell don't care if they call me stupid What matters to me is just your presence 'Cause you're the one who gave my life the essence!
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@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
..loving comes with sacrifice.. I hope you could understand my point.. yes, you're inlove and you think you're just doing the right thing.. But for me, you have to consider also those who are suffering because of that love which you have.. when you will be having a real family, you would realize how important it is to have a complete member of the family especially the father and mother for the children's sake.. If you say you're not selfish, then why do you continue loving somebody who's already committed.. In loving, unselfiah would mean, you are going to give freedom to your love one because you want him to be happy.. you don't want him to commit a sin with you.. when you love someone, I believe its not necessary for you to be together.. when you see your love one happy, you're also happy.. Try to put yourself in the shoes of those mothers whose husbands left them just to be with their mistress.. maybe you can understand why people feel bad about you..