If you want to relax your mind,what do you do?

July 10, 2008 12:40am CST
If you want to relax you mind,what do you do??Please open your mind,give me your advices.Thank you for your coming and leave your message~~~~~
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• United States
11 Jul 08
I veg out doing cross stitch pictures or I watch TV or do both at the same time.
@salonga (27842)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
Well my friend, there are so many techniquest to relax your mind according to my researches and personal experience as well and I hope these will help you: Learn to relax your body because it does help prevent calm you mentally as well. Muscle relaxation trains you to be aware of tension in your body and control tight muscles that respond to stress. Relaxing your muscles is a skill that takes practice, but once you know how to do it, you can use it to reduce your emotional and bodily tension quickly and easily. There are two types of muscle relaxation: Passive relaxation involves relaxing different muscle groups by thinking about them, while progressive muscle relaxation allows you to focus on and relax your muscles by first tensing them, which automatically forces your muscles to relax. The following is a relaxation exercise that you can use to relax the muscles in your body. You may want to have someone else read it to you, or you can tape yourself reading it, so that you can concentrate on relaxing. Begin by getting into a comfortable position and closing your eyes. Use some relaxed breathing to calm yourself. Take about 4 slow, deep breaths. Relax your whole face. Start with your jaw and tongue. Are you clenching your teeth? Are you pressing with your tongue? Let all the muscles of your jaw and tongue relax. Allow your teeth to be slightly parted in a natural, unforced way. Your tongue should be loose inside your mouth, resting against the back of your teeth. Next, pay attention to your eyes and forehead. Make sure that you are not squeezing your eyes shut or furrowing your eyebrows. Let your eyes close so that your eyelids barely touch. Your whole face is completely relaxed. Now, relax your shoulders. Let go of all of the tension in your shoulders and let them drop. Let any feelings of tension in your neck flow away. Let your shoulders and neck muscles sink into a pleasant state of comfortable relaxation. Relax your arms, hands, and fingers. Are you flexing a muscle? Are you gripping anything with your hands? Let your arms feel heavy and relaxed, like a floppy rag doll. Let any feelings of tension in your back, chest, or abdomen dissolve and flow away. Let yourself become more and more limp and relaxed with every breath you take. Relax your legs, feet and toes. Let go of any tension from your legs. Let your leg muscles sink into a deeper and deeper state of pleasant comfort. Make sure you are not pressing your feet or toes. Let your feet and toes become completely relaxed. For the next minute or so, let your entire body become more and more relaxed. Enjoy this feeling of comfort and relaxation, and when you are ready, open your eyes slowly and remain quiet for another moment or two. You can also use Imagery, or visualization. It is a technique that uses your imagination to create mental pictures. It is used to focus your mind on something pleasant and comforting in order to ease stress and anxiety, and reduce muscle tension and pain. Imagery incorporates all of your 5 senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. You should try to practice visualization 1-2 times per day until it becomes natural for you. If you are a very visual person, this may only take a few practice sessions. For others, you may need to practice for a couple of weeks before you feel comfortable with it. The easiest way to practice imagery is in bed in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep. With practice, you will be able to go to your special place just by closing your eyes. Try it using the following exercise: To begin, lie down, get comfortable, and close your eyes. Use some relaxed breathing to calm yourself. Take about 4 slow, deep breaths. Now, picture yourself in a quiet, special place. A place that is very beautiful and feels peaceful and safe. You are all by yourself and feel totally relaxed, safe, and at peace in this quiet, special place. It can be a place in nature, such as a beach...a lake...a forest...a field... a mountain. Or it can be somewhere else, like a garden...a church...a favorite room...somewhere you have been in the past. Picture yourself in this quiet, special place as vividly as you can, using all of your senses. Look around. Notice what you see. The colors...shapes...what the light is like. Perhaps the blue of the sky, or the reflection of the light upon the water. Notice what you see in your special place. Notice the sounds, what you hear. Perhaps the lapping of water against the shore, or the sound of wind rustling in the leaves. Listen to the sounds in your quiet, special place. Notice the smells in the air. Perhaps the smell of the salt water...or the fresh clean smell of country air...or the smell of pine needles in the forest. Notice the smells. Feel how warm, or cool the air is against your skin. And picture where you are. Are you lying down? ...sitting?...leaning against something?...standing? Use all of your senses to make this special place as vivid and real as you can. Memorize the smells, sounds, and sights. Continue to enjoy being in your special place for a minute or two longer. Allow yourself to relax even more deeply. Remind yourself that you can come back and relax here whenever you want. When you are ready, open your eyes slowly and continue to remain still and enjoy your relaxation for another moment or two.
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
10 Jul 08
To relax my mind I close my eyes and take several deep breaths and just let thoughts wander in and out without stopping on any of them, just let my mind wander