Where are you from?

July 10, 2008 6:33am CST
Where did you born and which interesting places, things you have there? I born in Portugal. There are sunny beaches... Places to see: Algarve, Capital Lisbon, Sintra (Cabo do Inferno), Obidos (Vila de Obidos), Tomar (Convento de Cristo), Batalha (Mosteiro da Batalha), Fatima (Spiritual)
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@maximax8 (31136)
• United Kingdom
10 Jul 08
I was born in England and am very keen on traveling so I have been to many different countries. I lived in Finland and in Australia for a while. I have also studied in the Netherlands. The most interesting city in the UK is London. It has the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. Rye is a historic town with a lovely old church with a tower. From the top the views are amazing. I like the cities of York and Chester with their old buildings. The Lake District is especially pretty. I went to Portugal last year. We flew into Faro then got a train to Lagos on the Algarve coastline. Next we got a train to Lisbon and lastly we got a train to Tavira. From Lisbon we did a day trip to Sintra. We had a wonderful time and got some autumn sunshine.
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15 Jul 08
Uau! You traveled so much! You went in the right places in POrtugal... I am living in England, South Yorkshire, Sheffield. I never really went to visit London! And i dont want to, because i dont like big cities! I just love nature... I listened Chester is a wonderfull place and my husband wants to go there in the future... I look forward to do that! Thanks
• United States
10 Jul 08
Hi, Khanana. I was born in United States of America in the state of Kentucky. It is a very beautiful ste with mountains and rivers and lakes as well as coal mines. I left there when I was about 5 and moved to Mississippi. I have also lived in Alabama, Georgia, & Michigan. I visited Canada one time but have never been out of this country otherwise. I've visited a lot of the different states here and if I had to live anwhere of my choosing, I would pick Tennessee. I really love it there.
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10 Jul 08
Hello! I love nature! Those mountains, rivers and lakes are so appealing...
@myrella1 (95)
• Romania
1 Sep 08
I have never traveled to Portugal, but there is something about this country that impressed me a lot... and i'm speaking about the music... This summer I've spent a week in Taize (a community where gather people from different countries) and there were some portuguese songs which I enjoyed very much... Unfortunately, I don't know their names or lyrics... I have found this on the internet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq3Om3KnLJQ&feature=user I would be very grateful if you could tell me the title or send me some lyrics :D There was also a song from which I remember only the part with parapaparapaparapapa... I suppose these are traditional songs... if you know others like these let me know:) I'm waiting for your answer!Thanks!:D
2 Sep 08
hi. i am glad you enjoy popular portuguese music, which is a bit unusual even along portuguese people, who call it 'musica pimba'! my favourite singer in all world is portuguese and people used to label him 'pimba' but i always told he was different and today he is the most successfull portuguese singer selling out all concert tickets in big places! I dont know yet exactly which kind of music you like and i dont know if you will like him but anyway i give you his site, hope you enjoy! His name is Tony Carreira. www.tonycarreira.com/ About that music you saw in Youtube... its title is 'Mulher Gorda'. Is very well known because it has a funny lyric! You can listen to this music and others in the same kind in this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGeViFU|RAE&feature=related (actually i cant paste nothing here and i transcribed it but it has some error??? so you can go in youtube and make a search on 'mulher gorda'...you can also add 'estudantina' in the search because thats ussually sang by university students) about lyrics... i found a nice site which contain a lot of lyrics, and 'mulher gorda' is among them. Here is the site: www.my-lyrics.ws/actividades/detalhe.php?ID=2837 You can tell me more about what you like or not and ask me more anything and maybe i can help you! Hope you enjoy! Bye for now..
@rodveiga (333)
• Portugal
25 Nov 08
Hi khanana I was born in Luanda, Angola. My parents are portuguese and now I live here in Portugal, Lisbon. I am trying to start a project about Portugal. When it's done I'll tell you, ok?
25 Nov 08
Hi When i came UK i was received and helped by an angolan lady. She is like a mother to me, wonderfull person! I am so greatful to her! Good luck on that project!
@Absinto (2385)
• Portugal
12 Apr 09
I was born in the USA but now i live in the Azores (the islands of Portugal). I love it here and there are many activities u dont really see around the world like street bullfights, our feasts are diferent and many other things.
• Portugal
31 May 09
Oh you're portuguese too ? I am from portugal and i wonder if there is more people from portugal here in mylot... (i am new here)
6 Jun 09
I am sure there must be some portuguese people here! Where are you, which city? I was born in Lisboa and my parents are from Tomar in Santarem, Ribatejo. Welcome in myLOT:o)