If you were to go to a fancy dress party....

July 10, 2008 8:20am CST
what would you go as?? The theme can be anything you want. Describe what you would wear. If you were to do a double act, say you go as someone and your partner or friends goes as part of your theme. It can be as wacky and wild as you want.
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• United States
14 Jul 08
I think I would stick with my innerself and go as a gypsy. Colorful layered skirt, a light breezy blouse, a scarf in my hair,jewelry on my neck, wrists, hands, fingers and a pair of barefoot sandals. I might even bring a violin for effect, or maybe Tarot cards.
• United States
12 Jul 08
Well, if it were a costume party, I'd go dressed as a pixie or faerie or other woodland mystical creature. If I had to go as part of a duo, then I'd be the Queen of Hearts, playing card. And he could choose his own card character. But I wouldn't wear a big card, instead, I'd just dress up like the Queen on the playing card. Don't want to fight the crowd all night, knocking down people right and left with my massive costume! In America, that's considered Fancy dress, so it's costume. But otherwise Fancy dress would be formal wear. It's all semantics. I think I get what you mean.