I'm Looking For A Team Of PTC Users

United States
July 10, 2008 10:36am CST
A week now into PTC it is making great progress. Already made $31.34 within that week, did research, keep up to date of the sites that I joined and checked up that most of the sites I've joined have paid out well. I'm looking for new PTC users or PTC users that been around to join my team. If there are some of the PTC sites you have not joined yet in my mylot profile then come along and join the fun. I have 20+ active downlines and about 5 of them are with me that are revenue sharing with me since for the active daily clickers I'm giving ransom on the earnings I make from these PTC sites. If there are PTC users that have problems getting referrals then come and join me and I can give you some good pointers on what it takes to build a solid downline, take the advantage when earning on this site. If there are PTC users that have sites that you recommend, have gotten paid or joined sites that have high ratings and is truly recommended then let me know. We can build teams and ideas together. http://www.mylot.com/darkangel079 -- this is where all my PTC sites are located (as image banners). It's a PTC Revolution if you didn't know there's money to be made and very easy to get it.
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