My son

July 10, 2008 5:23pm CST
My 8 year old son has been caught using a lighter to burn bugs. Then he lies to your face and says I did not do that. He refuses to wash his hair or even clean his body unless I yell at him to do so. He want clean up after himself. I would take things away and tell him no outside. Then after a week of that he acts wonderful. But as soon as I give him back his things he acts out again. Any suggestions?
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@deebomb (15314)
• United States
13 Jul 08
This is something that some boys just go through. I would tell my son that unless he has taken a bath and his hair is washed that he will not be allowed to eat. I would let him know the rules and make sure that he is hearing what you said. Have him repeat it back to you. I would also have it written down and hanging on the fridge. Then i would not have any thing that he could eat like snacks or things to make sandwiches. as far as him cleaning up after himself I would take any thing any time things are left out of place He would not be allowed to use it again. If it is toys then they would go into a thrift store box or the garbage and he would never get it back. Some time we have to be very tough. Don't buy him any thing new until he is taking care of hat he already has.
13 Jul 08
I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your response.
@makingpots (11916)
• United States
11 Jul 08
My suggestion is consistency. By acting wonderful for a while it shows you he CAN do it. It seems like he is testing you by going back to the same behavior. Be consistant and firmly inforce your rules.
13 Jul 08
Thank you for your reply. I think I have been, but I guess I might be a push over. Or sucker if you must look at it. :)
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10 Jul 08
Yeah start a board of award stickers. Every time he reaches so many stickers he will get a surprise and every time he gets so many bad stickers something is taken away. You can apply this to each of your children. I can not believe he tried to light a bug on fire. I heard of using a magnifying glass not a lighter. Try the award board! You can also do this with chores and room cleaning too.