Forms of energy

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July 10, 2008 9:19pm CST
Everything in our daily lives generates energy, so why can't we harvest that energy, instead of relying on fossil fuels? They could simply have plates that bump when you run over them on the street, or tennis balls with elastic layers, compressed air, and copper and electro-magnetic wiring, and a core to store the energy. If we could harvest all f the energy of our daily lives, we could run our house, car, and all of our appliances. It is said that if we could get all of the energy from an 8 oz glass of water, we could power Paris for a month! I think there should be mere research put into alternative energy, because if we had suits on our body that had 2 thin layers of plastic, one connecting to the other with millions of tiny pistons that when are pushed in compress air which is blown into tiny wind-power generators, then are stored in a thin third layer in the body suit. We could easily generate massive amounts of energy with no extra effort. This would save the environment, and all of the excess energy you don't use could be sold to the power company to again be sold to people who didn't generate enough energy. It would also be fun knowing that just by walking, you were generating energy? If you were on a trip, the wheels rotating wheels could generate energy, the engine's pistons could generate energy, and the heat of the car plus the wind rushing by the car could be enough to power the car and recharge a laptop or something. What do you think are ways that we could all generate alternative energy? We wouldn't have to pay an electric bill, yippee!
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@Wolfechu (1193)
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11 Jul 08
And collecting this energy would actually cost more energy than the amount we gain. The second law of thermodynamics is pretty clear on that. Not to mention how you'd go about collecting all the energy from these pistons and footplates.