cutural barriers with your foreign friends? any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 10, 2008 9:35pm CST
cutural barriers with your foreign friends? even if you speak fluent english you may still encounter cultural barriers when communicating withforeigners tell us some of hte funy stries when you are communicateing with your foreign friends these four guys were walkking down the street a russian a north korean and a new worker i am sorry to tell you tahti evenhave o chances to talk with foreigners so it does not exist any cultural barriers but i think it does exist in the communication between two people form different country with different cultural background what does invoice mean in china? maybe almost every chinese nwo sit meaning and thre are a;ot of kojes about it however some for example foreigners do not know t smeaning it sounded strange when i was told by my colleague is thre no invoice in forengn countruies? ten how to they pay for tax from benefits? i do not know some behaviors in one country is aomething meaningless but in another country it amy be a taboo so it will be better to know more cultural knowledge
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@hector76 (119)
• Indonesia
11 Jul 08
that's why we call it different is good. this good thing can make us to learn another culture. learning that, will make us learn the life, real life. it could be makes us more wise.