WOMEN is what type of ANIMAL??

July 11, 2008 7:46am CST
We know that women is very important for guys in out daily life ! Without women we will not the next new generation.Actually women is what type of animals?For me women is just like a mouse! This is because girl always scare this one scare that one !For example girl scare alone and scare walk in the dark ! Girl maybe like a dog also ! This is because when guys say what the women always agree and do not have any their opinion ! Maybe this is wrong !Then can u tell me what women is if use a animal to describe?
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• China
11 Jul 08
No, women are not animals!!!! We are human beings just as you men are. I don't know why you think women this way. But I can tell you, we are not this kind. We love. We understand love much better than men. We are sensitive. We are kind-hearted. We are gentle and weak within. We need love and attention. We need communication and encouragement. We are not selfish when we love. I am sure you men can't say it out loud that you are not selfish when you are in love. But we women can do so.
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• Malaysia
13 Jul 08
Leealice67,I totally agree with what you said?How can sabahking treated a women like an animals.Excuse me!!women are also human.without women, u can manage to live in this earth.
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13 Jul 08
I just want to emphasis in this disccussin is we use one animals to describe girl but iam not purposely say girls are animals.What you say is some of girl but not all the girl are gentle and......!That why i write this discussion to all of you to discuss.
@ronak4u (136)
• India
13 Jul 08
women is an angry animal to whom we can not fight. they are very much ichi.
13 Jul 08
yaloh women is easily getting angry with small small things.So everytime men always need to give the women win if want to maintain good relationship with them.But although women is angry animal but we always like to close with women because women is interesting animal also.